Best Criminal Lawyers Kamloops?

You may see law firms advertising as “Best Criminal Lawyers Kamloops” and “Best Defence Lawyers Best Attorneys” but you won’t see our criminal law firm doing that. Doing so is very risky for the firm. Why?

Calling yourself the best criminal lawyers in Kamloops is against the rules

The Law Society of BC sets the rules for how BC lawyers can advertise their services. One big no-no for lawyers is including unverifiable information. Can a firm verify that they are actually the Best Criminal Lawyers in Kamloops? Can they PROVE it?

Based on our client testimonials—and our clients really like how we defend them against criminal charges—we were added to a service called 3 Best Rated, which is based on client reviews. That’s the one way you’ll find us if you Google Best Criminal Lawyers.

If you want the truth about our criminal lawyers, read our reviews

There are a lot of other words besides “Best” that our clients use. For instance, one of our clients said Brad Smith, QC is “wickedly smart” and if you Google “wicked smart lawyer Kamloops” we are first in the search results.

Check out what other clients say on our testimonials page. If there’s a page that shows just how hard we work for clients facing criminal charges or being investigated by the police, it’s that one. You could say it’s the best.