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R.S., Williams Lake (former client)

When I was charged with a crime I did not commit it was difficult to come to grips with the burden it placed on my reputation and career. I worked with Smith Law Group for 18 months to prepare my defence. In the process I noticed some character traits of Brad, Danielle and their team which made my defence a success; they showed awareness of my situation and their experience in criminal law was evident as we prepared to go to trial. They were able to distinguish the difference between emotion and fact, which in our criminal legal system is very important. There are very few criminal lawyers that could have achieved the same result—I credit the preparation efforts of the team. Brad was respectful of my available resources and carefully managed the time that the team spent on the case. I have a high level of respect for Smith Law Group, and I cannot thank them enough for the outcome.

M.J., Edmonton, AB (former client)

After my original case against the RCMP where I was falsely arrested and property seized (where Brad had my case resolved in an unprecedented timely fashion), the RCMP decided to go toe to toe for one last cheap shot.

Approx 7 months after the original case was dealt with, I was given a trial date for a traffic ticket. The ticket was worth approx 109 dollars, and I refused to accept guilt on the mere merit of principle.

I reached out to Brad’s firm after request after request with the Prosecutors and Police for documents they refused to provide.

Brad stated that this was something his article student (Kyle Hunter) would be able to deal with, under his supervision. As my original case was quite unique and delicate I was slightly concerned about having a student deal with it…. with that being said, I trusted Brad and his firm and went with his recommendation.

As for Kyle…. despite being a student, Kyle showed the same no nonsense, direct responses, professionalism and honesty that I seen from Brad just a couple years younger 😉 lol. The times he didn’t know, he not only was honest but got the correct answers extremely timely.

The times Kyle had to involve Brad were all reasonable and minimal. I never had to worry about Kyle not answering my calls, even without warning that I was calling.

The caliber of people at this firm from Shannon to Brad …. I am blown away by the results each time.

To every one here… thank you… again…

When I have you on my team, I don’t need to focus on anything legal… its not even a concern with you guys.

I’ve never experienced the results that you guys achieve, with any other lawyer. You want to win… hire Brad it’s honestly the only real solution.

P.C., Vernon, BC (former client)

Enough cannot be said about Brad and his legal team. They were incredibly intelligent, professional and proactive when it came to working on my case. Brad gets right to the point and moves forward with the necessary steps to come to a speedy resolution, and communication with himself, and his team was seamless. I was made to feel important to him and was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. The one word I have to sum up his legal practice is integrity. Thank you Brad, Shannon, Danielle & Kyle. You are the best!

M.J., Edmonton, AB (former client)

Brad just got my charges withdrawn, I recently had been charged for a serious criminal offense, on a Saturday and called every QC lawyer I could find that Monday. I spoke with 3 lawyers that specialized in my charge prior to Brad, and truthfully I found that based on looks and speaking with them, they seemed overconfident. When I saw Brad, he looks like a lawyer that is going to destroy the case but also looks like the kinda person that you don’t wanna “screw with.” When I spoke to Brad I really pushed to see how cocky he was (as my case was going against law enforcement, I didn’t want that), and his articulation skills. I was impressed beyond belief with him and knew I needed him on my side. He gave me realistic expectations, his pricing was upfront (although 2nd highest out of everyone) but was willing to work with me. Brad and Shannon (his assistant) continually kept me updated and essentially said if it has anything to do with the case you let us worry, and anything to do with work you worry about. With that being said they constantly kept me updated with information. 100% sure if it wasn’t for Brad. I would have gone for trial.