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K.K., Princeton, BC (former client)

Because I had never been charged with anything or even arrested before this, I was so terrified and had absolutely no clue what to expect or what was expected of me. Not once did you make me feel like I was wasting your time even if it was answering one of my many, many dumb questions. If I was unsure or confused all I would have to do is check my emails from you and guaranteed you had already explained or provided me with everything I needed to know. I have never dealt with anyone who was so prompt and efficient with returning calls or emails. Little things like knowing that you would always respond to my messages right away meant a lot. You made a very horrible part of my life so much less stressful and confusing and I’m very grateful for that. From my first conversation with you to my last you were always kind, helpful, patient and respectful. Thank you again for everything and all your help.

R.S., Williams Lake, BC (former client)

When I was charged with a crime I did not commit it was difficult to come to grips with the burden it placed on my reputation and career. I worked with Nicola Law Group for 18 months to prepare my defence. In the process I noticed some character traits of their team which made my defence a success; they showed awareness of my situation and their experience in criminal law was evident as we prepared to go to trial. They were able to distinguish the difference between emotion and fact, which in our criminal legal system is very important. There are very few criminal lawyers that could have achieved the same result—I credit the preparation efforts of the team. I have a high level of respect for Nicola Law Group, and I cannot thank them enough for the outcome.