Don’t plead guilty to something you didn’t do

It was like a bad dream playing out in real life. A person was charged with a criminal offence for something they did not do. They hired a lawyer—from another firm—and that lawyer told them to plead guilty. The prosecutor was offering a deal and all the client had to do was say they did something that they didn’t. They would have had a criminal record, but no jail time.

To their credit, this person refused to plead guilty. In their heart, they believed they could fight the criminal charges with the right Kamloops criminal lawyers at their side. They left that lawyer and hired us. As a result of us advocating for our new client, the prosecutor stayed the charges.

We called our client right away to share the good news. It was one of those conversations that brings tremendous satisfaction as a criminal lawyer. We like helping people charged with criminal offences. We know our client likely slept better after that conversation than they had in months. The nightmare of facing criminal charges is now behind them. We’re glad we were able to help!