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D.R. Lillooet, BC (former client)

We were told about Brad Smith in a time of great stress. Brad was calm and reassuring in the midst of our world being turned upside down. He helped us navigate very troubling waters by telling us directly what the issues were and how they could be handled. While ensuring we were kept apprised of anything new, he told us to take care of ourselves, and he would take care of the legal side of things, allowing us to live as best we could under the circumstances. When anything new came up that we were aware of first, he was able to step in and mediate, feathering the anxiety and stress so that the load was not so great for us to carry on our own.

He was realistic yet optimistic, and was able to give best and worst case scenarios so that we knew what to expect. He was always kind, respectful, and compassionate, and would give his honest opinion in any situation. He was fair, and always used his time wisely ensuring we got the best service for our dollar. He is very well spoken and presents himself in a very professional manner, both in and out of the courtroom. His material and presentation to the court was well above reproach and undoubtedly left an impression.

It is because of his professionalism, experience, and ability to present the truth in a clear and concise manner, that we had a very positive outcome. We credit Brad with giving us a new start to our life, and highly recommend him.

Danielle Ching McNamee joins Smith Law Group

Kamloops criminal defence lawyer Danielle Ching McNamee
Danielle Ching McNamee joined Smith Law Group in December 2019. Danielle is a top-ranked recent graduate of TRU law school who clerked with the Supreme Court of BC and articled with a prominent Kamloops law firm. She is a strong addition to the office and will work closely with senior criminal lawyer Brad Smith, QC to accomplish outstanding results for their clients throughout BC.

Danielle is focused on building a practice through helping clients resolve their criminal law problems.

Brad Smith appointed Queen’s Counsel

Kamloops criminal defence lawyer Brad Smith, QC
We are delighted to announce that Brad Smith, founding lawyer of Smith Law Group, has been appointed Queen’s Counsel, commonly known as QC. The QC designation formally recognizes exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession. Each year the Queen’s representative in BC, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, confers the QC designation on a small number of BC lawyers after a rigorous review process.

“I feel grateful to receive this honour,” said Brad. “I also feel grateful to be a member of the legal profession and to have the opportunity to serve my clients, community and society through the practice of law.”

Various Commonwealth countries appoint lawyers to the QC rank of “Her Majesty’s Counsel learned in the law.” In BC, candidates for the QC designation must be current members of the BC Bar for at least five years. They must also demonstrate professional integrity, good character and excellence in the practice of law.

Congratulations, Brad!

Client not guilty of first-degree murder

Brad Smith had a big win in BC Supreme Court in Prince George this year. He acted for a client accused of first-degree murder of another man. Brad’s client was found not-guilty of first-degree murder and guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Heavily reported in local media, the trial ran from October 2017 to February 2018 and involved more than 80 witnesses. This criminal law trial is not yet over though. Brad’s client awaits the judge’s sentencing decisions, scheduled for later this summer.

Read about the case

The police just called. Your teen has been arrested.

It’s the call that no parent wants: a late-night call from the police. Your teen has been arrested.

Talk to a lawyer before talking to the police

One of the biggest mistakes people who’ve been arrested make is believing that if they just tell their side of the story, everything will be okay. If your teen is arrested, they should talk to an experienced criminal defence lawyer before talking to the police or making a statement.

Be ready if the police call

You can help your teen today by doing some advance homework yourself. Know who you would call if the police told you they have your child in custody. The stakes are high. You need an experienced criminal defence lawyer in your teen’s corner protecting their rights now and in the days ahead.

An experienced criminal defence lawyer can help alleviate your fears about the unknown and answer your questions at a time when what’s happening may seem overwhelming. He or she will:

  1. Answer your questions about the process in the days ahead
  2. Gather facts
  3. Develop a plan for moving forward

Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Do your research now and decide who you would contact if the call comes in. And hope that it never does.

Call me; I can help you. I am a criminal defence lawyer with more than 20 years of specialized experience in criminal law.