sexual assault

Charged with a sexual offence?

As a criminal defence lawyer, a large part of what I do involves protecting the rights of people who are being investigated or have been charged with a sex offence. Unlike most other types of criminal cases, sex cases involve people – mostly men – from all walks of life. Often the accused in sex [...]

2020-10-16T10:53:58-07:00June 3rd, 2018|Criminal Law|

The police just called. Your teen has been arrested.

It's the time when teenagers want to party. Summer is on the horizon and there’s steam to let off. Sometimes though, stuff happens. Stuff involving the police. Even though you’re a good parent and have warned your teen about the usual things: drugs, impaired driving, “no means no” — you’ve received a late-night call from the [...]

2020-10-16T10:57:25-07:00June 19th, 2017|Criminal Law|

Court rejects doublethink in sexual exploitation case

In January the British Columbia Court of Appeal released its decision in R. v. Rich 2014 BCCA 24 dismissing the appeal in a sexual exploitation case of a convicted sex offender seeking to avoid the immigration consequences of his sentence. Immigration consequences of a sentence of more than two years Mr. Rich was convicted of [...]

2020-10-16T11:09:44-07:00January 30th, 2014|Criminal Law|
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