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Youth, criminal charges and social media

With millions of posts every day, most of us have heard about social media horror stories or read headlines about a post gone wrong.

Many parents are aware of the dangers of social media, but when a youth is facing criminal charges, the stakes become much higher.

Go AFK on social

The first step to protecting your child if they are facing criminal charges is knowing which lawyer you would call and ensuring that your child doesn’t speak to the police. There is another step to take as well, and that is telling your child to stop using all social media, the minute that accusations start being made. Parents may know the term “AFK” –Away From Keyboard. If there is a time to step away from the keyboard, it’s when your child has been charged with a criminal offence or when your child might be facing criminal charges.

Your child may want to respond to a comment or post. They may want to direct message the complainant. They shouldn’t. Here’s why: what may seem harmless could end up being used as evidence in a criminal proceeding. This is especially so given how easy it is to take screenshots on smartphones.

The lure of communication

Your child may believe that if they just tell the truth and give their side of the story, that all problems will be solved. They may be tempted to send a long message to the complainant. If only the justice system worked like that. Their comments and messages could easily end up harming their defence.

Act to protect your child

When the heat is on your child, act quickly to secure an experienced criminal lawyer. We have worked with youth clients and have helped youth avoid criminal records. We can help protect your child’s rights and create their best defence strategy. Call us today.