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Sometimes no news is good news

At the risk of making you hungry, I want to talk about cake. Picture a thin layer of icing covering a fluffy filling.

In a criminal case, the icing is the stuff that goes to trial in court. Maybe it gets media coverage, maybe it doesn’t. Hidden beneath the icing however is lots of other stuff, criminal law problems which get resolved before they ever see the inside of a courtroom.

Resolving criminal law problems early and quietly

As a criminal defence lawyer, I’m always up for a good courtroom battle when necessary. Mostly though, my clients want to avoid a trial, court, and potential media stories. Their best result often involves resolving criminal law problems early, and quietly. And I’m pretty good at that too. I have a lot experience defending clients charged with criminal offences but many of my matters never go to trial or even to court.

Preparing and negotiating

For those that are likely to be picked up by the media, I make sure my client and I have a solid media strategy in place beforehand. Either way, through negotiation and proper early criminal law advice, I can help my clients quietly find their way through life’s stickier situations.

So now you have a new perspective on cake. Sure, there’s the icing, but there’s also a lot going on under the surface – sometimes the best part of the cake is the part you don’t see!